Quirino Memorial Medical Center - 3rd Scientific Forum Aug,12,2015 (Uploaded 5/27/15) Print E-mail


Pediatric Nephrology Society of the Philippines, Inc 20th Annual Convention (Uploaded 5/20/15) Print E-mail


ERRATA 2015 Vaccines for Special Groups : Pneumococcal Vaccine ( PCV / PPV ) Uploaded(04/24/15) Print E-mail

                 ERRATA 2015 Vaccines for Special Groups : Pneumococcal Vaccine ( PCV / PPV )  

PPS Convention Website Addendum: (Uploaded 04/27/15) Print E-mail

      The 52nd Annual Convention is now over. However, you can still access the convention website and      

        download the abstracts and lecture files you want until June 30, 2015 only. Here's how to do it:

    1. On your browsers, please type www.pps.org.ph/convention or scan the convention QR Code below using
        either your QR code reader or your Viber app downloaded into your mobile devices.


    2. Click on the Sessions and Abstract Page.

    3. If you have not created an account, please create an account on the link provided.  If your PRC number    
        contains only  five digits, please put a ZERO ( 0 ) before the numbers. You have to do this step
        first. This is to activate your account. You will receive an email confirming your registration. This email will
        contain your username and password. If you encounter difficulties in creating an account and registering,
        please accept our apologies and please contact the support tech number posted on the page and NOT
        the PPS Secretariat.

   4.  Lectures were uploaded with consideration of intellectual property rights. Slides were uploaded only after
        the speaker's permission was obtained. However, Plenary 5 and the SS 12 ( Ms. Koe ) lecture slides are
        mostly pictures hence they were no longer uploaded. The abstract of Plenary 5 is almost the complete
        text of the lecture itself.

   5.  We would appreciate if you could also accomplish and submit the online evaluation form. It will not
        take you more than 2 minutes to accomplish the form. Your feedback will help guide us for our future

        Thank you...

PPS Annual Convention Guidelines on Earning CPD units uploaded on the Annual Convention Website Print E-mail

Keep updated on the 52nd PPS Annual Convention ( Scientific Program, Session Files , Convention Updates and News) through the 52nd Annual Convention Website.  Access the website by:

    1. Clicking on the Convention Logo / Bookmark  in the PPS homepage ( www.pps.org.ph )  OR

    2. Scanning the QR code below using a QR code scanner on your smartphones and mobile devices.
        This QR code can be seen on all convention printed materials and on the back of your convention ID. 


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