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List of New Emeritus Fellows, Fellows and Diplomates inducted on April 5, 2014 

Inaugural Address of MILAGROS S. BAUTISTA, MD, FPPS (PPS President, 2014-16) Uploaded 8/29/14 Print E-mail

The Officers and Members of the PPS Board of Trustees, Past Presidents of the Society, distinguished guests, colleagues, friends, good evening.


I stand before you tonight, honored, yet humbled as the new President of the Philippine Pediatric Society, Inc. I thank you for the trust and confidence you have given me to lead the Society for the next two years. Tonight, I renew my commitment to serve the Board, to serve all of you, to serve the Filipino child.


The mission of the Philippine Pediatric Society is to provide all services to attain optimum health in all aspects of the well being of the Filipino child. To accomplish this, it is necessary to support the professional needs of the PPS members.


Evidence-based medicine, clinical practice guidelines, continuing professional development, research and innovation are important elements in achieving professional competence. Conventions, conferences, scientific meetings, round table discussions, media and publication are ways and means through which the members can keep up with current health issues and updates.


When one hears all of these, we can say professional needs have already been addressed. However, this may not be so, and this may not be as simple as we think.


The broad range of life domains and individual values, high expectations and performance complicate the whole picture, such that gaps may ensue between the pediatricians’ professional role vis-à-vis their personal intentions, their families and the community where they live.


Professional satisfaction is derived not only from continuing education but also from a balance of equitable income, sustainable clinical practice and successful personal and family life.


This, I believe is the biggest challenge to the new leadership and Board of the PPS.


And in this regard, I pose the following questions:

Have we been sensitive to the needs of the general membership? Have we asked them enough? Have we consulted them enough? Have we listened enough? Have we cared enough? Have we done enough?


Perhaps, we will all agree, there can never be enough, and that much more have to be done.


First and foremost, in our agenda is to ensure the financial stability of the society, for it not, we will be unable to sustain the programs we have started and we will be unable to pursue other projects.


The Board will continue to exhaust all investment opportunities that will augment monthly income, cover operational expenses and increase funds for research, training and accreditation.


Financial stability also means wise use of our meager resources to activities that give high rates of return and benefits. We have to identify priority programs and projects, yet simple, are most substantive and beneficial to many. Reflective of financial stability is good office management, efficient secretariat, in other words, good housekeeping.


Stability of the society is being able to promote and protect the interests of its members. We will work to improve members’ benefits; an insurance coverage is in my mind. We will craft a pathway where a member can be more and be best involved in the affairs of the society. We will develop a just and fair regulatory mechanism in monitoring CPD, ethical practices and implementation of policies and procedures.


We will continue to enhance disaster preparedness training. We will reiterate our position on social issues such as smoking in the young, global warming, child abuse and trafficking and their effects on the children, their families and the socio-economic aspect.


We will constantly review the conduct and policies of the Specialty Board specifically to help our graduates pass the certifying examinations; and the Hospital Accreditation Board, to help accredited hospitals level up their status of training, to find ways to address residents’ shortage.


We should also prepare for the eventual ASEAN integration and assess how this would impact on the medical profession in general, and the members of the Society in particular.


The success of any society lies in a strong collaboration and coordination with our local chapters, subspecialties and sections, government and non-government agencies. In all of these relationships, communication is the key! The new PPS Board promises to reach out to you, to have more consultations with all of you, sincere dialogues, more cooperation and more openness.


There will always be differences of opinions. But I am pretty sure, that if we just listen to each other, we will always find a common ground on difficult and disputable issues.


As a parting message, allow me to borrow the words of Dr. Ronald M. Davis in his inaugural address at the American Medical Association Annual Meeting in 2007 and I quote,


“As you and I work through the challenges of this coming year, we need to remember the sacred responsibility we have to our patients. We will win our battles on the big issues, not for us, but for them. We will advance the frontiers of science and healing, not for us, but for them. We will stand together, stronger, not for us, but for them. For every child, every woman, every man in this nation with so much need, with so much trust in us.” End of quote.


Sa inyo pong lahat na nagtiwala sa akin at sa bagong Board ng PPS, maraming, maraming salamat po. Magandang gabi po sa ating lahat.

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