8th Regional Scientific Meeting on Pediatric Dermatology (Uploaded 6/30/14) Print E-mail



LIST OF MEMBERS OF THE PPS (MAY 2014) ! Uploaded (06/10/14) Print E-mail

The attached file is a current list of PPS Members and their Status based on existing records.

We apologize for any errors and/or omissions, which is due to our moving office locations. If you have any corrections, or have been omitted, please write an email to Dr. Alexander O. Tuazon, PPS Secretary, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please attach in your email pertinent documents, such as a scanned copy of relevant certificates (diplomate, fellow, emeritus fellow) and other documents. A document supporting a change in name, such as for those who got married, will also be necessary.

Many thanks for your understanding and kind assistance.

Valedictory Speech of MELINDA M. ATIENZA, MD, FPPS (PPS President, 2012-14) Uploaded (05/20/14) Print E-mail

                                               Valedictory Speech of MELINDA M. ATIENZA, MD, FPPS

                                                                       (PPS President, 2012-2014)

                                                             during the Annual Dinner, April 9, 2014

NEW UPDATES ON BIR CONCERNS: Uploaded(5/15/14) Print E-mail

To all PPS members:

  As of the meeting with the other specialty societies, here are some updates on our BIR concerns:

1. The TRO was filed last April 30, 2014 with the Supreme Court
     And we are waiting for the SC decision

2. Our request for the extension of the deadline is granted. Deadline  
     is on May 31,2014;

3. Template for the simple affidavit is now available. Please fill up the form and file it
     on or before May 31,2014;

4. The pediatricians doing procedures will be using the affidavit for "Rates and manner of billing"

5. There are 4 books Pediatricians have to register with the BIR

         - Persons with Physical Disability (PWD) Book
         - Patient Registry Book
         - Appointment Book
         - Senior Citizen Book ( there are some pediatricians who also       
           see senior citizens)

ANNOUNCEMENT TO ALL PPS MEMBERS: Uploaded(05/05/14) Print E-mail

To All PPS Members:

Because of some technical difficulty in the coding of

the attendance during the PPS Annual Convention

we cannot release the corresponding CPD Units as

of today.  We apologize for this.

Please wait for further announcement.

PPS Board of Trustees.

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